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Valuable excavation live first appearance sound source of the legendary four musketeers "UK"!

From the 1978 US tour when Allan Holdsworth was enrolled, the performance at the Boston Orpheum Theater in Massachusetts on October 7th was recorded from the finest audience master, and it is a valuable live sound source of four-person UK full of tension.

Speaking of the Boston performance in 1978, the sound board sound source in September is familiar, but this time it is a rare live sound source that was known only to some collectors until now in the next month's performance!

01. Alaska /02. Time To Kill /03. The Only Thing She Needs /04. Carrying No Cross /05. Forever Until Sunday /06. Thirty Years /07. Presto Vivace / 08. In The Dead Of Night /09. Caesar's Palace Blues

Live At Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA October 7th 1978