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A rare early live performance of the Bangles, a girl band active in the 80's, is now available! March 27, 1983 Two performances of Early Show and Late Show at Magic Mountain in California were recorded with good sound quality from the audience recording master cassette. A valuable live sound source by the original members after their first EP was released at that time. In addition to the S&G cover "Fuyu no Sanpomichi" that later became a hit single, he has also performed covers such as "7 and 7 Is" from "LOVE" and "Pushin' to Hard" from "SEEDS". It is a title that cannot be overlooked as an excavated live sound source unique to the early Bangles, which clearly shows the influence of the 60's garage psychedelic.

EARLY SHOW (5:00 pm)
01. Mary Street/02. Hazy Shade Of winter/03. I'm In Line/04. Where Were You When I Needed You/05. Restless/06. Live/07. Dover Beach/08. The Real world/09. All About you/10. Tell Me/11. Want You/12. How Is The Air Up There

LATE SHOW (7:00 pm)
13. The Real world/14. Getting Out Of Hand/15. Restless/16. I'm In Love/17. Dover Beach/18. Tell Me/19. Outside Chance/20.Renaissance Man/21. Mary Street/22. Steppin' Out/23. Want You/24. 7 and 7 Is/25. Pushing Too Hard
Live at Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, USA, March 27, 1983