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A precious live performance of the Schenker Baden Acoustic Project, which was held only a few times, is now available for the first time!

A complete recording of the live performance held in Santa Clara, California on January 1, 2010, with high-quality sound that can be said to be the best.

Enjoy a sensual performance that surpasses the usual live performances of this period, with a set list that includes songs from the album "LADY GIPSY" that was performed only at the acoustic live at this time, and Michael's expressive power that is unique to acoustics. It is a must-listen item for fans who can do things!


Acoustic Live at Avalon Nightclub, Santa Clara, California, USA on January 1, 2010

1. Pre-Show /2. Are You Ready To Rock /3. Cry For The Nations /4. Fight For Freedom /5. Starting Over /6. Armed And Ready /7. But I Want More /8. Dance Lady Gipsy /9. Lost /10. Another Melody /11. Rock My Nights Away /12. Looking Out From Nowhere /13. Only You Can Rock Me /14 .LIGHTS Out /15. Lipstick Traces /16. Between The Walls /17. Doctor Doctor