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A special live performed by Santana in 1990 at the studio “Electric Ladyland” left by Jimi Hendrix in New York appeared in the recording from the high-quality sound board master!

 It was broadcast on WNEW-FM on August 4, 1990, and developed an energetic performance reminiscent of the early days. Vernon Reid, the guitarist of Living Color, joined as a guest in the second half. 

It is a highly recommended title that makes you listen to hard guitar playing with "Peace on Earth" and "Jingo"!

01. Radio Announcer- Introduction/02. Angels All Around Us / Spirits Dancing In The Flesh/03. The Healer / It's A Jungle Out There / Somewhere In Heaven/04. Mandela/05. Europa/06. Introduces Vernon Reid / Peace On Earth/07. Jingo (with Band Introductions)/08. Radio Credits

Live At Electric Ladyland Studios, New York City, NYUSA August 4th 1990