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June 2023 Retchiri's latest professional shot live video is now available in high-definition full HD quality Blu-ray! June 18, 2023 The stage that appeared at the Pink Pop Festival in the Netherlands is a complete recording of the professional shot, and although it is a festival-specific set list, you can not miss the contents.

 "TIPPA MY TONGUE" written in the setlist was suddenly changed to "EDDIE", the intro of CLASH's "London Calling" jumped out ad-lib, and Frusciante's annual cover was Loggins & Messina's "DANNY'S SONG". is also shown. 

The latest professional shot live video of the attention of 2023 Retchiri who will not cool down the excitement of the previous performance in Japan! It is a must-see latest title to deliver on Blu-ray! 


01. Intro Jam
02. Can't Stop
03. Scar Tissue
04. Dani California
05. Aquatic Mouth Dance
06. Suck My Kiss
07. Eddie
08. Soul toSqueeze
09. Right on Time
10. Danny's Song
11. Reach Out
12. Californication
13. Carry Me Home
14. Black Summer
15. By theWay
16. Under the Bridge
17. Give It Away
Live at Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands, 18th June, 2023

NTSC Full HD 1920 x 1080p Linear PCM Stereo Total Duration 90min.