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Paul McCartney's latest rare compilation series fifth bullet appeared!

This time, the release time of the album "McCartney II" and "Tag of War" is recorded in the contents from 79 to 82 years.

This time also includes interesting demos and rough mixes of each album, songs not included in the album, singles, promos, edit sound sources, etc.

The sound board live sound source from the London Hammersmith performance of the Cambodia relief concert in 1979 is also a valuable CD.

We will deliver the fifth edition of the “Archive Rarities” series, which is a compilation of rare sound sources from 1979 to 1982! !

01. Coming Up (Backing Track)
02. Lunch Box / Odd Sox (Single B-side)
03. Mr. H Atom
04. On The Way
05. Bogey Music
06. Got To Get You Into My Life (Live)
07 Every Night (Live)/08. Hot As Sun (Live)
09. Coming Up (Live)/10. Lucille (Live)
11. Let It Be (Live)
12. Rockestra Theme (Live)
13. No Disgrace
14. All In Love Is Fair
15. Cage (1980)
16. Night Out
17. Reggae
18. Robber's Ball
19. Same Time Next Year
20. Take Her Back Jack
21. Jam Sessions
22. Take It Away (Early Rehearsals)

01. Seems Like Old Time
02. Ballroom Dancing
03. Take It Away
04. Sweetest Little Show
05. Hear Me Lover
06. Give Us A Chord, Roy
07. Dress Me Up As A Robber
08. We All Stand Together
09. Boil Crisis
10. Keep Under Cover
11. Average Person
12. The Unbelievable Experience
13. Stop, You Don't Know Where She Came From
14. The Pound Is Sinking/15. Wanderlust
16. Evony And Ivory (Demo)
17. Session Medley
18. Evony And Ivory (Paul Solo)
19. Rainclouds (Single B-side)
20. I'll Give You A Ring (Single B-side)
21. Dress Me Up As A Robber (Single B-side)
22. Take It Away (Single Mix)

DISC1/2=All Tracks Studio Outtakes, Demo, Rough Mix/except (Annotation)
Live=The Concert For Kampuchea London 1979