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The Mansfield concert, which is definitely one of the essential recordings from the 2005 tour, is now available on a limited press CD as a powerful stereo soundboard recording.
 Of course, the discrepancy between the broadcast and the audience recording, which boasts excellent sound quality, is unavoidable, but the transition from the opening "Turn Up The Sun" to the audience recording of "Lyla" has been edited very smoothly, so even non-enthusiasts will be able to listen to the show without a hitch. I can assure you that even if you are not an enthusiast, you will be able to listen to it easily.

This also allows you to enjoy the extremely rare "Love Like A Bomb".

Finally, the classic stereo soundboard recording of the 2005 "DON'T BELIEVE" tour is now available in its entirety in an edited version!

Includes serial number sticker for the first run only!