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BEATFILE presents a collection of rare recordings by the Ivies, who debuted on the Apple label as the Beatles' younger brother band!

The collection includes band demos from the amateur days of the Ivies, who later changed members and became Badfinger, and the solo demos of Pete Ham, the talented songwriter who later created the classic song "Without You". This is a highly recommended compilation for collectors!

demos & unreleased

01. Maybe Tomorrow (7" Us Mono Mix)/02. Dear Angie (mono Mix)/03. Sali Bloo (mono Mix)/04. I'm Too Shy/05. Maybe Tomorrow (unreleased Demo)/06. Tube Train/07. She Came Out Of The Cold (version 1)/08. I've Been There Once Before/09. Black And White Rainbows/10. Girl In A Mini Skirt/11. Tomorrow Today/12. Mr. Strangeways/13. Bitter Sweet Adieu/14. How Does It Feel/15. Man Without A Heart (pete Ham Demo)/16. Taxi/17. Take Good Care Of My Baby/18. She Came Out Of The Cold (version 2)/19. Knocking Down Our Home (pete Ham Demo)/20. Clown Of The Party/21. Maybe Tomorrow (BBC Session 1969)/22. Hi-Fly Piddy Po Aka Looking For My Baby/23. For My Sympathy (acetate)/24. I'm In Love (pete Ham Demo)/25. Black And White Rainbows (pete Ham Demo)/26. Mrs. Jones (pete Ham Demo)/27. I've Been There Once Before (pete Ham Demo)/28. Permissive Paradise (BY The Pleasure Garden)