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From the performance of the legendary first visit to Japan, the Tokyo performance on November 30, 1985 appeared with high-quality sound complete recording!

It is a sound source that was once released in the analog boot “UNCHAINED 1985”, but this work is recorded from the original master cassette instead of the LP.

However, only the main set was excavated this time, and the three encore songs recorded on another cassette were recorded from the LP “UNCHAINED 1985”.

The set consists of two masterpieces, “TOOTH AND NAIL” + “UNDER LOCK AND KEY”, and the encore is two standard songs from “BREAKING THE CHAINS”, but especially the “UNDER LOCK AND KEY” number, which will be premiered on this day Overwhelming and must-listen!

Disc 1(74:40)
1. Intro 2. Unchain The Night 3. Tooth And Nail 4. When Heaven Comes Down 5. Bullets To Spare 6. Jaded Heart 7. Will The Sun Rise 8. In My Dreams 9. Just Got Lucky 10. The Hunter 11. It's Not Love 12. Lightnin' Strikes Again 13. Alone Again 14. Into The Fire 15. Til The Livin' End incl. Drum Solo

Disc 2(11:20)
Taken from the original LP "UNCHAINED 1985"
1. Breaking The Chains 2. Guitar Solo 3. Paris Is Burning

Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 30th November 1985