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A valuable 77-year excavation live sound source of the representative American band “Chicago”, which has been active since the 1960s, is now available for the first time! The performance in Munich, Germany on February 18, 1977 was recorded from the radio broadcast sound board at the time, which is different from the Essen performance that was alumni at Rock Palast in the same month. Although the number of songs is small, representative songs that became single hits such as "Saturday in the Park", "Aiaru farewell" and "Long night" are recorded. It is a noteworthy title that cannot be overlooked as a valuable sound board live sound source when Terry Kath, a guitarist who later died a violent death! !

1. Anyway You Want/2. You Get It Up/3. Saturday In The Park/4. Just You 'N' Me/5. You Are On My Mind/6. If You Leave Me Now/7. Percussion Solo/ 8. 25 or 6 to 4

Live at Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany, February 18, 1977