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A valuable early live sound source of "Boston", which has become a representative band of American prog hard and recorded a million sellers all over the world from the debut album, is now available for the first time! March 9, 1977 The performance at Seattle Center Arena, Washington State was recorded from the high-quality audience recording master. 

At the live, unreleased songs other than the songs recorded in the debut album at the time were played, and "Man I'll Never Be" and "Don't Be Afraid" announced on the second album "Don't Look Back" released in 1978 ” In addition, it is a live sound source of early Boston attention that includes rare songs unique to the early days such as “Shattered Image” and “Television Politician”!

01. Introduction /02. Rock And Roll Band /03. Shattered Images /04. More Than A Feeling /05. Instrumental /06. Peace Of Mind /07. Something About You /08. A Man I'll Never Be /09. Don't Be Afraid /10. Smokin '/11. Guitar Solo /12. Foreplay / Long Time /13. Television Politician

Live at Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA, March 9, 1977