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After three high-profile performances at the new Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore has begun his summer tour, which has become a regular Blackmore's Night.

From this latest tour, the August 14 show in Arlington, Massachusetts, is now available in high-quality, complete recording!

This summer tour was limited to Czech Republic, Germany, and the U.S., but the setlist for this show was very good, including the performance of "Stargazer," and the sound quality is also excellent, making this a must-have for fans!


disc one
1. Do You Hear the People Sing?
2. Dancer and the Moon
3. Darkness
4. Under a Violet Moon
5. Soldier of Fortune
6. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
7. World of Stone
8. Renaissance Faire
9. Allan Yn N Fan
10. I Got You Babe

disc two
1. Piano Solo
2. Drum Solo
3. Toast to Tomorrow
4. The Peasant's Promise
5. Barbara Allen
6. Stargazer
7. Diamonds and Rust
8. Home Again (incl. Hava Nagila - Drink Drink Drink - The Happy Wanderer)
9. Fires at Midnight
10. Midwinter's Night - Dandelion Wine
11. Village Lanterne

Live at Regent Theatre, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA on August 14, 2016