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"RARER THAN RARE" released from the end of the 70's to around the 80's as The Beatles' analog boot remastered reprint collection is now available as the latest remastered sound source in 2015!

This compilation, which was a 2-LP set at the time, was a popular item with a variety of contents including solo sound sources in the 70's, but now there are sound sources that have been officially released, and the quality of many sound sources has improved significantly. It can be said that the value of the original itself has been halved after being dated.
In the past, there was a remastered CDR with a bad sound, but in this latest version, the sound source itself was replaced with the best quality at the moment, and the sound source that was no longer rare was changed to another source that was not officially recorded. It has been reborn in the latest edition in 2015.

As a result, it is still a rare collection as the title, which contains edits and mixes that can only be heard in this work. It is a notable analog boot remastered reprint title reborn as the best source collection that is not an analog wake up by the latest remaster!


01. Oh! Darling (Alternate Version Take 26 - 7.18.1969)*/02. Things We Said Today ("From Us To You" BBC - 7.17.1964)*/03. Form Us To You (BBC Outtake - 7.17.1964)*/04. Slippin' And Slidin' (Unedited OGWT 1975)*/05. Stand By Me (Unedited OGWT 1975)*/06. You Never Give Me Your Money (Studio Outtake Take 30 - 5.05.1969 )/07. Imagine (Live - Tribute To Sir Lew Grade 6.13.1975)*/08. Bye Bye Love /(Saturday Night Live Rehearsal with Paul Simon 11.17.1976)*/09. Blackbird ("Post Card Session" with Donovan)*/10. I Should Have Known Better (BBC Outtakes 7.17.1964)*/11. My Sweet Lord, He's So Fine (Comments On The Future Of Apple 1971)/12. Help! (Real Stereo Remastered Live At Shea Stadium 8.15.1965)*/13. Bangla Desh (Radio Spot For The Movie)/14. I'm Down (Real Stereo Remastered Live At Shea Stadium 8.15.1965)*/15. I'll Follow The Sun (Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1964)/16. The Beatles Decade (Radio Spot - Capitol & Apple Records 1974)/17. The Fool On The Hil (Vocal Only Track 1967)*/18. Step Inside Love (Demo For Cilla Black's TV show theme 1968)*/19. Band On The Run (Radio Spot 1973)/20. It's All Too Much (Alternate Version Take 2 - 6.02.1967)*/21. Piggies (Instrumental Backing Track 1968)*/22. Kansas City / Hey Hey Hey Hey!/(Stereo remastered Shindig TV Show - 10.03.1964)*/23. The Walk (Get Back Sessions 1.27.1969)/24. Act Naturally (Ringo with Cilla Black TV Show 2.06.1968)*/25. If I Fell (Live At Empire Stadium, Vancouver 8.22.1964)/26. Farewell To Miami (Radio Interview WQAM560 Souvenir Disc 2.16.1964)/27. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Get Back Sessions 1.07.1969)/28. Some Other Guy (New Remastered Live At Cavern Club 8.22.1962)*/29. Magical Mystery Tour (Film Version Extended Remix 1967)*/30. I Am The Walrus (Basic Track Acetate Take17/RM4 - 9.06.1967)/31. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (Basic Track Take15 - 7.02.1969)/32. Her Majesty (Extended Version with Count-In 1969)* *=up grade and new remastered tracks 2015