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Rare and unreleased collection of "ASS," the last Apple album released by "Badfinger," the Beatles' little brother who debuted on the Apple label!
The first half of the collection features early mixes and alternate mixes from the album's production stage. The second half includes unreleased numbers and BBC sessions that were not included on the album at the time.

This collector's edition is the last album Badfinger left on the Apple label, which tragically ended up on a different label after that!

01. APPLE OF MY EYE (early mix) /02. GET AWAY (early mix) /03. THE WINNER (early mix) /04. BLIND OWL (alternate version) /05. WHEN I SAY (early mix) /06. COWBOY (instrumental) /07. I CAN LOVE YOU (early mix) /08. TIMELESS (alternate version) /09. DO YOU MIND (version 1) /10. FOR SO LONG /11. REGULAR /12. DREAMIN' /13. ROCK AND ROLL /14. COPPERTONE BLUES /15. PIANO RED /16. GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES /17. THIS TIME /18. DO YOU MIND (version 2) /19. PIANO RED (demo) /20. BLIND OWL (BBC session) /21. CONSTITUTION (BBC session) /22. ICICLES (BBC session)