AEROSMITH - GET YOUR WINGS: Quadraphonic DVD-Audio Edition


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Quadraphonic LP of Airsmith's second album "GET YOUR WINGS" released in 1975 is now available as original 4-channel multi-track DVD audio!

Three Aerosmith albums, "GET YOUR WINGS", "TOYS IN THE ATTIC", and "ROCKS", were released in the 70's as Quadraphonic LPs, but now the LPs themselves are valuable and can be played. However, I was unable to enjoy this surround sound except for "TOYS IN THE ATTIC" released on Super Audio CD.
This time, using a valuable quadphonic LP in good condition and valuable dedicated equipment, extract these 4 channels and convert them to digital. Recorded in PPCM 96kHZ/24BIT, 4-channel high-resolution format and 4-channel Dolby Digital (this can be played on DVD players that cannot play DVD-AUDIO).
Even if you don't have four speakers, you can enjoy this quadraphonic mix in 2-channel stereo, which is different from the original.
Of course, it is not a stereo sound that is often used as a virtual surround sound, but it is a must-have item for fans as well as audio enthusiasts just by being able to easily enjoy the realistic surround sound mixed from multi-tracks at the time!

1. Same Old Song and Dance / 2. Load of the Thighs /3. Spaced /4. Woman of the World /5. S.O.S. (TOO BAD) / 6. Train Kept a Rollin' / 7. Seasons of Wither / 8. Pandora's Box